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  1. Sleeve tattoos are all the rage and for good reason! Would you get one?

    In the world of tattoos there will be trends that come or go, but some designs seem to stand the test of time better than others. The fact that some fads will quickly go out of fashion means that you have to be particularly careful when deciding on a tattoo.

    There are designs that are likely to be around forever; things like hearts, flowers, and butterflies. Always make sure that when you are choosing your design that it is likely to be still fashionable a few years down the road. You should be especially careful about getting any tattoo that somebody else suggests unless you are really enthusiastic about it. A tattoo is one decision that you should only really make by yourself.

    There are some alternatives that allow you to escape the dangers of tattoo fads. An example of this can be found with the current popularity of sleeve tattoos. Getting this type of tattoo is going to make a big impact on your appearance so you really have to be totally sure that it is the right thing to do.

    If you are not completely sure or just don’t want to go through the discomfort of getting this type of tattoo then there is a solution. You can now buy a fake tattoo sleeve that is made of stretchable nylon which you can also wash. You will be able to buy these in a variety of designs such as Celtic, tribal, dragons, and snakes. This is also a good way to try out the design prior to committing yourself to a permanent tattoo.


  2. Would you get a tattoo on your ear?

    Ear tattoos seem to be the in thing for women these days… Fashions come and go in the tattoo industry and it is always interesting to see what becomes popular next. These days a lot of the tattoo trends seem to be around women’s tattoos. This could be due to women now getting more tattoos then men.

    Women seem to be always coming up with new ways of getting tattoos in ways that will allow them to cover up if they need to. This is probably why the lower back is such a popular location for a tattoo; it is not only sexy but you can also cover it easily. Another new trend that women seem to be leading is getting tattoos behind their ears.

    More women are getting ear tattoos these days. One great benefit of getting a tattoo in this location is that it is easy to cover up if you have long hair. A design in this part of the body can really add a bit more femininity to a woman’s look. Despite the fact that the ear is a small area there is no real limit to the designs of the tattoo. The fact that it is small also means that it doesn’t take long to get this type of tattoo.

    The one thing that you should be aware of is that this location can be really painful because there is no fat here to provide a cushion when you are getting your tattoo. If you don’t deal well with pain then it will probably be best to avoid having a tattoo here. If you don’t mind pain so much then this can be a nice place to get a tattoo.


  3. Do your research on any tattoo artist before you get inked?

    If you have never had a tattoo previously or are using a particular artist for the first time then you will want to do a bit of research first of all.

    There are many tattoo artists out there and some of these are more gifted than others. You will also find that a tattoo artist may be good at one type of tattoo but not so good at a different type. An example of this would be Celtic tattoos; these can be quite complex and hard to do. Only certain skilled artists will have the ability to do this type of tattoo to a high standard. The same with portrait tattoos; not everyone can do them, and there has been lots of samples on the internet about this.If you are considering getting something like a Celtic or Portrait tattoo then do a bit of research first of all. The first thing you will need to do is go talk to your local tattoo artist and so how confident they seem about doing one. It is a good idea to ask to see some examples of their previous work; all tattooists have a portfolio. Having a look at the tattoo artists will not only give you confidence in their abilities, but it might even give you some idea about what they are best at doing. If you really don’t feel confident in their ability to do this type of work you are requesting then ask them to recommend someone else. Most good tattoo parlors will have different artists that specialize in different things; so you might not even have to leave the shop. Sometimes though, you will need to take your business elsewhere.

    Always ensure that you see examples of a tattoo artists work before letting them go anywhere near your skin.


  4. Would you get a tattoo if it was FREE!

    So do you think that you would get a tattoo if it was free or really cheap? Different people have different reasons for not wanting a tattoo. Some people just don’t like tattoos, while others don’t like needles. Quite a few people don’t get a tattoo for the simple reason that they cost a lot of money.

    This leads to the question arising of would these people get a tattoo if it didn’t cost any money?  This is an interesting question, but it is probably worth considering the old adage that you tend to get what you pay for.  You will sometimes find exceptions to this old adage though. Occasionally tattoo parlors will hold events where they will have free tattoos on offer. If you are itching to get your first tattoo then it really is worth keeping your ear to the ground for these types of special promotions.

    These free tattoos are often part of some special fund raiser. Afterward’s you might be expected to give a donation to their favorite charity. There can be also be the offer of a free tattoo so long as you agree to it being of a certain type; this could be a bands name or something similar. If this is something you want anyway then this can certainly be a good way of getting it for free.

    In most instances though, you should be extremely careful of those tattoos that are being offered cheaply or for free. Make sure that the work you are going to be getting is of a high standard. The one thing that you should be aware of is that it is a really bad idea to ask for a bargain in a tattoo shop. Only do this if you are really close to the tattoo artist, really close.


  5. Where are the top 10 places to get a tattoo on the body?

    Once you have made the decision to get a tattoo the next hardest choice will be where exactly to have it. The place where you decide to have your tattoo is of great importance. It is often the case that a tattoo design will look well in one area of the body but not in another area of the body. A good bit of advice is to have it in a part of the body where it will be easy to cover up. Most people won’t want their tattoo on display in the workplace; unless of course you are a celebrity famous for having that type of image.

    What follows is a list of 10 places where people like to get tattoos;

    Wrist tattoos are quite common because they are easy to cover up with a bracelet or watch. Many celebrities seem to like this tattoo.Ankle tattoos are also popular and have been for years. These can have a really noticeable design or they can be something that you would hardly notice at all.The lower back is popular for women because it is believed to be erotic and can be easily covered up.Arm tattoos are always popular with any part of the arm being usedArmband tattoos have been popular for the last twenty years or soChest tattoos are quite popular with men because it tends to show off their pectoral muscles. People also like to use this place near their heart for memorial tattoos.Back tattoos are a popular place for a tattoo because there is just so much space available.For a long time tattoo artists were reluctant to do neck tattoos, but they are now quite popular. Some people find a neck tattoo to be particularly erotic.Some women like to draw attention to their breast by having a breast tattoo. They can even make breasts look bigger.Foot tattoos are really popular these days with people seeing it as a fun place to have one.

  6. Is having a tattoo dangerous for your skin?

    Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent decades with people seeing this as a way to express who they are. Body art in particular has caught the public imagination.

    When you get a tattoo it is there for life so this means that this should never be a decision you rush into. One thing to consider is the possibility that a tattoo could be harmful for your skin. Getting a tattoo will mean dealing with ink being injected by needles.

    When a tattoo is healed there should be no adverse consequences for your skin. If a problem is going to occur it tends to be around the when the tattoo is healing. Having a tattoo is an invasive procedure because you have needles injecting ink into layers of your skin. It is expected that people will lose a bit of blood and experience a bit of pain, but if it is done in a sterile environment there is usually no complications.

    This is not to say that complications can’t arise and people should be aware of the possibility. Bacterial infection is always a risk; if this happens you will experience heat around the tattoo, pus, and redness.  Another possibility is that you experience excessive scarring or you have a reaction which causes granulomas which are like bumps. On rare occasions people can have an allergic response to the dye that has being used; for this reason it is important that the parlor keeps a record of any dye they have injected in your skin.

    The most feared risk associated with having at tattoo is acquiring and infectious disease such as HIV, hepatitis b, hepatitis C, tetanus, or tuberculosis. All of these can be completely avoided so long as the studio is sterile and the artist uses the correct procedures with their equipment. Make sure that any parlor you use has an autoclave; this uses heat to sterilize all the non-disposable equipment and materials. Prior to beginning any work the tattoo artist should remove equipment from the sterile packaging in front of you.

    In order to ensure that nothing untoward happens during the healing process you need to follow the aftercare instructions from the tattoo parlor. When you pick a parlor that follows sterile procedures and you take care of your new tattoo there is little chance of complications.


  7. Some of the most common myths about tattoos

    Almost everything in life that has been around for any length of time will have myths surrounding it; tattoos are no exception to this. There are quite a few tattoo myths that need to be eradicated. These are myths with no truth behind them and just exist because people have been misinformed.

    You will hear some people claim that getting a tattoo is as painful as childbirth. There is some pain involved in getting a tattoo, but it is nowhere near as bad as childbirth.Tattoos are applied using a single needle. This is not true and in fact the tattoo guns uses a group of needles soldered together; usually in odd numbers.Tattoos bleed a lot. There is some truth in this and you will bleed at least a little when you are having your tattoo. There is not too much blood when you are getting the outline and the shading will only bleed for a few minutes. By the time you are ready to leave the shop all the bleeding should have stopped completely.The lighter the tattoo ink is the more it will hurt. This is not true. The reason why the lighter colors seem to be more painful is that they are the last to be added to a tattoo and by this stage the skin will be more sensitive.When a tattoo is old it will turn blue. This only applies to those tattoos that were created fifty years ago or before. The inks used in tattoos have improved a lot since that time.

  8. All about tattoos and sunscreen

    One of the first things that any newbie to the world of tattoos will need to know is that your tattoo and the sun will never be friends. It is also important to realize that it will be necessary to keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for at least a month after you have had it done.  Even after the tattoo is healed you will need to put a high sun-block cream on it whenever you are out in the sun so as to protect it. Just remember that putting on the cream won’t completely protect it from the sun’s rays.

    The reason why it is important for you to avoid the sun with a tattoo is that the sun’s rays cause the ink in your tattoo to break down. This breaking down of the ink causes image distortion due to cracking and fading. Even the occasions small bit of exposure to the sun can cause fading. The purpose of traditional sun-block is to protect your skin from burning; they haven’t been created for protecting your tattoo.

    The good news is though, that there is now a new product about to reach the market that has been specially created to help protect your tattoo from the sun; the name of this product is Tattoo Armor. The first product on the market will be the Precision Sunscreen Pen; this is like an ink pen only it has a brush on the end and claims to apply the sunscreen easily without any mess.

    Although sunscreen might not always be great at protecting tattoos it is a whole lot better than nothing so you should always use it.


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